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Information answers questions.
                          How's your information?

      Does your estimate properly drive your process?

You acquire project documents and perform measurement takeoffs to get Item Quantities for preparing your bid - but there's so much more!

You should also have Marked-Up drawings so you can verify and trust your bid and be able to answer questions later. With QuickEye you get this and much more:

  1. Transmit the entire marked up set to any smart phone
    or mobile computer (tablet, iPad, kindle or laptop)
      - work in the field                         QuickEye Review Sample
      - use the actual estimate to manage production
            and judge work performance
      - communicate with suppliers
      - compare estimate with actual conditions
      - you can actually click on any room/measurement and
            get the quantities for just that room, from your phone
  2. Have the entire set on hand during pre-bid walkthroughs
      - literally right in your hand!
  3. Efficiently manage all your current and recent project documents
      - all your personnel can view your field projects, no extra charge
The right technology for your company to succeed!

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Need Projects to Bid?
G.C. QuickEye
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QuickEye Integrated
Builders Exchanges

Native Mac Version!




  • QuickEye Estimator is a complete system
    for managing documents, producing estimates and sharing them.
  • Inside and outside your company.
The right technology for your company to thrive.
  • Full Support for PDF drawings as well as tiff and jpg.
  • You can bid with electronic documents
    from any source. Fast!
No more missed opportunities because of
short notice!

Get the competitive advantage of bidding hard to
bid projects (that your competition may pass on).

  • Color coded Measurements stay on the drawings
  • You have a Graphic Record, of exactly what's behind the numbers.
  • Review a project from anywhere.
This allows very quick and accurate reviews of
even the biggest projects.

No More Oops! Review every project!

  • Upload a project to your account on QuickEye Server to use from any computer.
  • Everyone in your company can share the same working list of projects.
Allows remote workers and working vacations.
Coordinate and hand off different steps and tasks.

Crunch time projects can be finished at night.

  • Select projects to bid and assign them
    to estimators.
  • Monitor the progress as they generate the bid.
Proper management of all your estimators, even remotely.
  • The graphic record helps production management.
  • In just a couple of clicks, production drawings are produced.
A production manager gets up to speed on
a project quickly.

Quick production target drawings are a bonus.

  • QuickEye-Review sends live, inspectable, colored drawings to anyone.
  • QuickEye-Review shared estimate supports mobile devices.
    (iPad, Android tablets and smart phones)
  • Shared estimate includes the entire set
    of plans.
  • Marked up sheets can also be sent as PDF.
Need to convince someone that you got it
covered? No problem!

Answer any question by inspecting the estimate with individual room measurements.

In the field, in the palm of your hand, look up any
drawing sheet or specification page.

  • Like Quantities on the project are summed together.
  • Quantity Items can be converted to preferred units.
  • Wall lengths can be converted to Sq. Feet.
  • Quick-Library provides consistancy and makes proper item coding easy.
  • Quick-Library and Quick-Creator greatly accelerate the process.
  • Very short learning curve.
QuickEye's innovative design is fresh.
Provide your estimators the fastest tool there is to get their jobs done.
  • Produces a concise Quantity Survey which is ready to price.
  • Works with a spreadsheet or advanced software to generate bid price.
Very efficient and flexible.
You get to work the way you want to.
  • Mac Support.
  • Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.
Supports any mix of macintosh and windows
in your company.
  • Completes your electronic workflow.
Fully electronic is huge! It frees you and your workers from physical constraints and costs.

“QuickEye, as it is today, is so good, that if I were to work someplace that did
not provide this tool, I would pay for it myself. It that good. It’s that valuable.”

- Scott Hendry, Specialized Landscaping

System Overview (Core Measuring Tool)

QuickEye Estimator is totally different. With only one to three hours invested in learning and setup, you will gain one to two hours each day in productivity. It has a fresh design that doesn't imitate the others. We start out with an efficent workflow to generate 'ready to price' Quantity Items. Then we add two accelerators to generate this end product as smoothly as possible, without the tool getting in the way.

First, multiple measurements representing a single item are summed together so that, for example, rooms that are painted the same, do not have to be dealt with individually.

Then there is a powerful system for saving several aspects of a measurement, converting the units and labeling the quantity.

This way, a single feature on the drawing, only needs to be traced once, gives you all the quantities you need from it, and doesn't display excess data.

The Quantity Items produced are properly coded so that the current prices for labor and materials may be automatically applied without needing to pour over a 'Measurement List'.

Next, accelerator number one, the Quick-Library, is used to provide consistancy and speed when creating items for a particular project bid. The library entries are quickly created from the 'Create Item' screen, already organized and ready to use. This library is built as you work, no long setup step is needed.

Then, after the Quick-Library is used to create the items needed at the start of the takeoff process, accelerator number two, the Quick-Creator is used to create and fill the items on the different plan sheets.

The net result is that you spend very little time specifying what the numbers mean, so you can steadily trace the drawing until you're done, without the process getting in the way. And, with the ability for your sales manager to quickly review what's behind the numbers and to automatically price the resulting quantities (if your costing system or spreadsheet supports it), the speed and consistency of this system is unmatched.

As your staff train on QuickEye Estimator, you will find that it has the features you need and not much you don't, allowing it to be learned in just a few minutes or hours, not, days or weeks. The time invested to learn it is small, and the productivity gained is big.

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QuickEye Benefits for General Contractors

In addition to being an efficient, library driven take-off tool, QuickEye
has sharing features expecially for General Contractors.
  • Includes internet hosting of all your project documents
  • Use your "Document Room" to publish all desired projects to all
    your sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Documents may be viewed on any device:
          Smart Phones, Tablets ( Android, iPad or Kindle ) and Laptops
  • When subs access project documents, they also get free basic take-off tools
          ( with free, reliable install on Desktop or Laptop, Windows or Mac )
  • Include documents with measure tools in your Invitations to Bid ( ITB )
  • Works for all your projects:
          pre-bid, bid, under construction, etc.
  • Even on the desktop, basic viewing is instant - no install needed
  • No Sub registration required. No hurdles, just great bid response
  • Publish your projects, no extra charge for you or your subs

QuickEye handles all your Document Distribution and quantity take-off needs.

Here's a sample QuickEye Document Room:

                Acme Construction - Document Room

QuickEye Benefits for Freelance Estimators

Because of QuickEye's document management and sharing
features, it is the ideal system for Freelance Estimators.

  • QuickEye is an efficient, library driven takeoff tool
  • Produces Quantity Items which are ready to price
  • Produces color marked-up drawings
  • May be exported to PDF
  • Each individual measurement can be explored/reviewed
  • Entire set with all explorable markups can be instantly shared
    with customers, no extra charge for you or the customer
By providing the customer with all the complete, explorable graphic record
of the quantities, QuickEye brings the entire freelance estimating industry to
a whole new level. No longer do clients need to trust your takeoff, they can
verify it all, in minutes!

Earn new clients easily just by showing them a sample of your work!

Here's a sample in QuickEye Review. Just select a Document and Sheet
to view, and then click on any measurement:

                Landscape Estimate

QuickEye for Online Planrooms / Builders Exchanges

QuickEye Estimator is an excellent and free viewer, document
management, and takeoff tool for your members.

It's a standalone program (not a browser plugin) for viewing the complete
set of documents for a project. And it's easy to add to your web site.

The transfer of the list of documents works similar to the way other
viewers work, so in many cases, it's a simple modification.
If are using IPIN, it's very quick.

  • Color document support
  • Native Mac Support
  • Extremely reliable install
  • Works Separate from Browser - Not IE specific
  • Viewing, Document management and Basic Mode measuring:
          no charge to the Subs
  • Provides subs a way to bid private work too (projects not online)
  • Downloading, Document management:
          Drawings and Specifications for each project are together
  • Export documents as Images or to PDF
          No need to create and store multiple formats on your server
  • Printing designed for large drawings (50%, Print view)
  • Free Basic takeoff - Full Metric support
  • Documents feed directly into optional, advanced and
          affordable takeoff/estimating system
  • QuickEye can also be used for indexing/Sheet Renaming
          by you or your customers
  • Brings you 21st Century technology
  • Written by a pioneer in plans online
We also offer a server based, no install viewer with basic viewing features
on the desktop and 'mobile' devices (tablet, iPad, kindle or smart phone).

Please contact us for more information and to get going.

Native Mac Takeoff System

QuickEye Estimator runs Natively on Mac as well as on Microsoft Windows.

You do not need an emulator and it does not run as a web app. It's a real 64-bit cocoa application.

After you prepare your bid, you can share it with anyone as a live, interactive view in their web browser, on desktop computers or mobile devices, using QuickEye Review.

QuickEye Install

Free Basic Mode (just install and start using)
or Purchase License for full features.
Supports Windows, Mac,
and Linux

Terms of Service
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1. Account Terms

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2. Payment and Access

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    All fees are exclusive of all taxes or duties imposed by governing authorities. You alone are responsible for payment of all such taxes or duties. (Exception: we must collect WA state sales tax.)

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4. Cancellation and Termination

  1. The use of this service is paid by the month and in advance for each User. If you do not renew the service license for each licensed User by its expiration date, use of Services and ability to create Estimates by that User will be terminated.

    Access to the online Content of your online account will cease upon the lapse of the last User's service termination.

    Your online account and all of its online Content will be deleted 60 days following the lapse of the last Users's service termination. Any offline Content (local storage, c: drive) you may have may remain accessible.

5. Copyright and Ownership

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6. General Conditions

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Each User License is 'Portable', it can be used from any computer, one computer at a time.
   -  So you only need one per person.

$39.95 each for One Month or
 $195   each for Six Months - an 18% Discount

You get QuickEye Estimator for the price the other guys charge for maintanence,
Without the big upfront cost!

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