QuickEye Main Page

QuickEye Estimator Help Topics:

Mouse and Keyboard Controls

QuickEye Measuring and Estimating Overview

QuickEye Spreadsheet Template

Select Project
  • Create and Edit Projects to hold Documents
  • Check out Projects for Use
Select Sheet
  • Create Document Volumes and Add Drawing Sheets
  • Select Document Volume and Drawing Sheet to use
Internet Project Download
  • Download Project Documents from an Online Planroom
Turbo Edit
  • Sequentially edit many Sheet Names
  • Rotate many sheets
  • Produce Paper Drawings

Item Creator
  • Create Measurements
  • Specify Items
Measure Scale
  • Set the Drawing Scale for the current drawing sheet
  • Convert Scale between Imperial and Metric
Measure Tool
  • Start measure sequence
  • Re-Visit Scale
Design Grid
  • Adjust Design Grid
  • Turn on Grid Counting feature
Create Item
  • Transform a Summed Quantity into a Quantity Item
  • Create Quick-Library Entries

  • Use your Quick-Library
  • Organize your Quick-Library
  • Duplicate Measurement Groups/Quantity Items from other sheets
  • Draw measurements to Measurement Groups/Quantity Items
Item Summary
  • Review and copy all the Quantity Items