QuickEye Estimator Controls

Mouse Controls

Roll Scroll Wheel
Up (away from you): Zoom In (larger)  
  Down (towards you): Zoom Out (smaller)

Left Down: Start to place point
    ( Move to align Cross-Hair )
Left Up: Place point

Right Click: Explore / Edit Menu
Right Drag: Pan Image
  (left-right, up-down)

Keyboard Controls
Measure Keys:
'1' Select Measure Tool
'2' Next (Area and Length)
'3' Undo (remove point)

Dialog Shortcuts:
'4' Open Item Creator
'5' Open Item Summary
'6' Open Quick-Creator
'7' Open Set Scale


Problem Report
Adjustment Keys:
'W' Rotate Symbol Left 10 degrees
'E' Rotate Symbol or Copy Left 90 degrees
'R' Rotate Symbol or Copy Right 90 degrees
'T' Rotate Symbol Right 10 degrees
'+' Increase Symbol size, line weight
'-' Decrease Symbol size, line weight

Other Actions:
'Q' Turn on Quick-Ruler
'S' Toggle Single Lengths mode
'C' Toggle Copy mode
'H' Flip Copy horizontally
'V' Flip Copy vertically
'D' Start Draw Row sequence
'F' Fixed Spacing Draw Row