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Quick Creator

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The Quick-Creator dialog is opened from the "Item Creator" dialog by pressing the "Quick-Creator" button.

First, Item-Creator or Quick-Library is used to create Measurements, set the color on each Measurement, and then add one or more Quantity Items to each one. This process can be done as you draw the measurements, but with Quick-Creator, you can create them all first, and then rapidly select an item and draw initial or additional measurements on each one.

The first time you open the Quick-Creator dialog, it appears over the left side of your main window to be out of the way and to indicate that it is a floating dialog window. Floating dialogs may stay up while you work and may be moved so they are not in your way. If you have a secondary monitor, the Quick-Creator dialog may be placed there and it will re-open in that position the next time you open it. You move it by left-dragging the title bar at the top of the dialog.

If you don't have a second monitor, you may reduce the size of the main QuickEye window so that it's not under the Quick-Creator dialog. This is optional but it will allow you to zoom in and pan around while you work, without Quick-Creator covering any of the drawing.

Quick-Creator displays all unique items (Measurement Group/Quantity Item combinations), from all the sheets in the current Document Volume. The displayed list is filled as follows:

If the list is empty when you are expecting items, it's probably because the Scale Units of the item on the other sheet do not match the Scale Units of this sheet.

To use Quick-Creator, select one of the items on the list and then review the current tool selection at the bottom. If the item contains no measurements on any sheets, the tool will be unset, indicated by the word "None".

If it is unset or it is not set to the one you need to use, press the "Tool" button to open the "Measure Tool" dialog to select a tool and enter measure mode. Then you may proceed to draw the measurements for this item.

If the item you click on does have a measurement already drawn, the tool is automatically set to the last tool used, and measure mode is turned on. You may immediately start drawing or select a different tool.

If the selected item does not exist yet on this sheet, it is automatically created. A new Measurement Group is added to the current sheet, the color on it is set, and the Quantity Item or Items are created.

Because it's a floating dialog, you may switch sheets at any time by using the "Select Sheet" dialog or the "Prior Sheet" and "Next Sheet" toolbar icons.

Once you are on a new sheet, you may set the Location field once, before clicking on any items, in order to tag all the Measurement Groups about to be created, with that Location text.